The peer-reviewed status of 3rd Ring Out is indicated by:

  • Its commission by and presentation at established UK performing arts festivals, including the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival and the Norwich and Norfolk Festival, and venues across the UK, including Northern Stage in Newcastle and the Junction in Cambridge
  • Its receipt of Arts Council and other forms of public funding (totaling £99,703) and commissions/awards (totaling £46500), including winning a TippingPoint Commission Award (selected from 178 applications), an Ideas Tap Award, a Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust R&D Award, and an Artist Projects Earth Award. Further it was selected for commission by the Outdoor Arts consortium, Without Walls
  • The National Theatre Studio inviting METIS to reflect on the project for the purposes of further creative development in a residency in December 2010, and then hosting the containers throughout the 2011 rehearsal period
  • Its receipt of a number of citations in academic publications, as well as numerous invitations to give talks on the work in a wide variety of academic and public forums
  • Reviews in the mainstream and alternative media, both online and offline
  • Its selection for presentation and discussion with senior civil servants on short-term fellowship programmes at the University of Cambridge, organized by The Centre for Science and Policy
  • The invitation by TippingPoint to director Zoë Svendsen to contribute to a policy document on the challenges to the arts of climate change (currently in development, March 2013)
  • Selection for presentation at APAP2013, a New York annual conference for US producers and theatre promoters, at which a UK panel presented a selection of European projects addressing climate change as examples of best practice.
  • Receipt of British Council funding and administrative support to share the findings of the project with artists and producers in Berlin, and to travel to Beijing and Shanghai to discuss the project with artists, producers and environmental NGOs and journalists.
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