New Book out – World Factory: The Game

World Factory: The Game

By Zoë Svendsen and Simon Daw

Made in China. Sold in Britain. Worn by you.

From the factory floor to the catwalk, from Shanghai to London, World Factory weaves together the untold stories of people connected by the global textile industry.



This published edition of World Factory: The Game adapts the highly successful, provocative and participative theatre production for the page, offering readers the opportunity to play – as individuals or in teams – the managers of a clothing factory in China and recreate the experience of the game.

Like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novel, the game has multiple routes and outcomes, interlinking questions of ethics, fashion, consumer capitalism, environmental impact, working conditions, migration and globalisation. In a cross between Monopoly and poker, players trade in workers and money, but it is a game about values – will you be an ethical factory owner or will profits always come first? In the rag trade, can anyone ever really win?

World Factory was created and produced in 2015 by the performing arts company METIS, in co-production with the New Wolsey Theatre, Young Vic, and Company of Angels. It was performed at the Young Vic, London, and on tour of the UK.

The book can be purchased from the publishers’ website – Nick Hern Books

Retail price is £14.99 and there is currently a 20% discount offer available.  The e book is coming out soon.


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 Autumn 2017 newsletter

                                     Technical rehearsal at Brierfield Mill

World Factory performances – 3 days only this September

For those of you who missed it first time around, World Factory is coming to Brierfield Mill (near Burnley) on 28, 29 and 30 September 2017, as part of the Fabrications festival.

For three days only World Factory is being shown in the atmospheric, now-derelict Brierfield Mill, an ex-textile factory that closed in 2010, which played a vital part in Britain’s own textile history. For more information and to purchase tickets please click here – and please spread the word about it.

Over the past year, Zoë has been holding ‘research in public’ conversations, which formed part of the Climate Change in Residence: Future Scenarios Project. The season ended with a lively and entertaining interview with Stephen Peake – an Open University lecturer in environmental technologies. To mark the end of the residency Zoe presented a sketch of a future scenario derived from all the previous café conversations and asked Stephen Peake to act as ‘respondent’ to the scenario and imagine what it might be to live in that world with both intended and unintended consequences. She also posed the questions she had asked all previous specialists in the series: What is the best possible economic structure for responding to climate change? and what would it be like to live in this future system?.

Whilst the official residency has come to an end, Zoe will be continuing to interview specialists and garner their views on how the future may look, again under the auspices of research in public.  She will be investigating the areas of Artificial Intelligence and green economics to list but a few. These conversations have provided extraordinary pulses of energy through the residency – with every event Zoe asked the same initial question, and then the interviewee has taken Zoe and those who have gathered to listen and question –  to a short spurt of collective co-thinking. Zoe stated “I have been enlightened and excited by questions emerging that I wouldn’t have thought to ask, and that through the process of these events being small-scale public (ranging in size from around 6 people to around 50), each has built a mini-network of its own. So thank you to everyone that came along!”  We will keep you informed of upcoming events through the usual media channels.

Throughout the residency Zoe has written a series of blog posts which track her journey through the research. These blogs can be read here and also on the Culture and climate change website.

                                              One of a series of postcards developed by Zoe Svendsen


These bold words are printed on one of a series of postcards that have been devised by Zoe and form part of new piece of work: each discussion produced a rich network of thoughts that influenced Zoe’s response to the next set of questions, and in the past months they have more directly fed into the development of a performance work. Entitled WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE MAY BE, it will gather the expertise encountered in the research in public conversations to co produce a vision of what it might feel like to live in an alternative economic structure – in response to, and under conditions of, climate change.

Meaning Conference, Brighton 16 November 2017
‘At Meaning we bring you bold ideas from unexpected places. We bring you thinkers and do-ers from business, activism, academia and the arts. We bring you the pioneering purpose-driven businesses innovating to disrupt not only their sectors but whole systems’.
In November Zoë will be speaking at the Meaning conference in Brighton, in association with Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts.  She will be sharing examples of her creativity, and will involve the audience in the creation of her current work in progress – exploring how future systems will enable us to live and work through the impact of climate change. The development of the work is an open research process towards our next big project, WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE MAY BE.
At Meaning, as part of this ‘research in public’, Zoë will be in conversation with renegade economist Kate Raworth, author of Doughnut Economics, exploring the question: ‘what is the best possible economic structure for responding to climate change?’
To book your place click here.

Festival of Ideas – Cambridge University 21st October 2017  
Zoe will continue her research in public at a series of events hosted by the Festival of Ideas at Cambridge University.  She will be exploring alternative economic structures and what it will feel like to live in this different world.  A series of experts will be invited to talk about this speculative future and the audience will be invited to respond.  More details on the invited speakers and how to book these free events can be found on the METISwebsite.

With Best Wishes
Zoë and the METIS team



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