Climate Change in Residence: Future Scenarios Project

Zoë was one of the selected artists on the Climate Change in Residence: Future Scenarios Project. The project finished in the summer of 2017.  During the residency, Zoe came across several local and national initiatives created to help reduce food wastage. You can read about them here.

Exploring climate change scenarios is not only about the changed landscape and atmospheric conditions of those situations, but also invites the question ‘how to live’ and brings with it the opportunity to ask the question ‘how do we want to live’?

During the project Zoë contributed a monthly blog post thinking about the question of future scenarios, please click on the months below to view the blog post.

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June 2017

As part of her networked residency, Zoë made a commitment to ‘research-in-public’. Therefore she engaged with experts by interviewing them in public at informal events.

About Climate Change in Residence: Future Scenarios Project

The Climate Change in Residence: Future Scenarios Project was a networked residency programme, to catalyse new creative work that will encourage more open and imaginative, but also more purposeful, responses to the challenges of climate change in the present.

This project was an experiment which pilots a new residency model — that of a ‘networked residency’. Rather than a traditional residency based in one institution, this networked residency engages with a community of people across institutions and disciplines whose work, individually and collectively, informs the development of climate scenarios.

The project is the latest activity from the Culture and Climate Change programme, which is intended to bridge the gap between academia and the cultural sector – it began as a series of podcasts, events and publications available to download for free by clicking here.



This Future Scenarios project was developed as part of the Culture & Climate Change: Scenarios Residency Programme. 
The Scenarios work is led by Dr. Renata Tyszczuk. Culture and Climate Change is supported by The Open University OpenSpace Research Centre, The University of Sheffield School of Architecture, The Ashden Trust, Jerwood Charitable Foundation and the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures.
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