Difference Engine

Dance Umbrella at the Gate Theatre, Notting Hill, London: 12th-22nd October 2011 The Junction, Cambridge: 2nd November 2011

‘A work that combines choreography, singing and music with some utterly intriguing videographed materials. It looked great, and intrigued me with its Frankenstein/Mad Genius/Twilight Zone narrative’- The Spectator The Difference Engine is an interdisciplinary performance, creating a richly-layered imaginative environment accompanied by an especially commissioned score, recorded by the Arditti Quartet; using interactive technology as a storytelling tool.
This is the second joint work from Ben Duke, Will Duke, Zoë Svendsen and Dario Palermo.

It was co-commissioned by London’s Gate Theatre and Dance Umbrella 2011, in conjunction with Metis Arts with support from The Junction, Dance Digital and the RPS Drummond Fund. It followed on from a previous work, Discombobulator, that was first created at an ENPARTS residency for the Venice Biennale Contemporary Music Festival in 2009, and which was shown at Dance Umbrella in the Purcell Room in 2010.



Audience comments on Difference Engine:

‘Fantastic collaboration of different media.’

‘Innovative, exciting combination of voice music and dance, very interesting lighting.’

‘Excellent, brilliant integration of dance, video and music generating strong emotions in audience. Dancers were superb.’

‘I loved it… beautiful and strange and surprising – absorbing, will be thinking about it for some time… really rather wonderful. Thank you.’

‘I thought it was extraordinary. What phenomenal performers! A fantastic merging of choreography, narrative, live music and production design.’

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