Future Scenarios – concluding cafe conversation with Stephen Peake

Future Scenarios – concluding cafe conversation with Stephen Peake

Hot Numbers Cafe, Gwydir Rd, Cambridge

Wednesday 5 July, Doors open at 7 pm   7.15 start – 9 pm


Zoe Svendsen was in conversation with Stephen Peake, – senior lecturer in environmental technologies at the Open University.


As the end of Zoe’s official residency approached, she marked the end with a unique twist. As well as asking Stephen Peake:


What is the best possible economic structure for responding to climate change?

and what would it be like to live in this future system?


Zoe will presented a sketch of a future scenario derived from all the previous café conversations and asked Stephen Peake to act as ‘respondent’ to the scenario and imagine what it might be to live in that world with both intended and unintended consequences.


Zoe has previously held café conversations with: Carolyn Steel, Chris Hope, Doina Petrescu, Joe Smith, Paul Mason , Frances Coppola and Ha-Joon Chang. Further details can be found here.


In addition, Cambridge Carbon Footprint will held a stand exhibiting a thermal imaging camera which reveals drafts and gaps in insulation together with information on Open eco homes – opening doors to low energy homes in Cambridge.



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