Manifesto of making

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Does mass production forget the people?

Every garment you wear has been passed through the hands of many people: in one Chinese factory that METIS visited, 28 different pairs of hands were involved in the making of a single shirt. Our shirt will reveal the faces behind the seams, binding you not only to the actual makers of your individual shirt, but also to the other investors and creators that made this production run possible.

Research in action

In order to understand the system of manufacture, we want to be part of it. As an investor, you can go on this journey with us, learning how negotiations take place with factory owners, what factors affect the cost of manufacture, and who the many people are that construct your shirt.

Capital, not subsidy

World Factory is supported by Arts Council England, and by partners with an interest in artistic endeavour and intellectual pursuit. METIS think their resources should be spent on artists and researchers, not on manufacture. Raising capital to support a production run mirrors the realities of the global textile industry.


By joining us as capital investors in WORLD FACTORY: THE SHIRT you have as much right as us to know the true costs of our production run. We’ve set the ‘price’ of each shirt based on our research about costs – but until we commission this run, not all our costs can be fixed. We’ll share a breakdown of actual costs with you, so you can see the range of costs associated with manufacture.

The value of goods

The costs we share with you will exclude one significant aspect of the global textile industry: branding. We’re interested in the reason you invest, rather than in dictating the values that underpin your decision. For Bianca, part of the World Factory team, investing in a shirt is a way of expressing that people are more important than stuff.

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