The Pattern

Advice for schools and colleges – If you are using the World Factory book to play the game as a group – please click Workshop instructions for guidance on how to explore the World Factory in a workshop context.


World Factory: The Pattern

What is it? METIS and Company of Angels have created a resource pack to accompany World Factory: The Performance. The pack provides an exciting opportunity to explore the global textile industry focusing particularly on the relationship between the UK and China. Based on interactive technological tools each pack is designed to be used in classrooms without the presence of an external facilitator. The pack is aimed at KS3 and will provide valuable supplements and inspiration for the study of a range of GCSE subjects. It is particularly valuable for the teaching of the evolution, impacts and ethical consequences of globalisation.

‘The combination of interaction with the latest technology, modern ethical issues related to garment making and historical understanding will appeal to a wide range of teachers and give them a new way into values education…The possibilities are endless!’
University Lecturer and Department Head, Cambridge Faculty of Education

The Pattern
The Pattern
Price inclusive of VAT.

The Pattern: Aimed at KS3 as GCSE topics are beginning to be introduced, The Pattern complements scheduled studies, with the interactive technology encouraging engagement from students of all abilities and allowing access to a wealth of supplementary research material. Each pack
• The Shirt, plus app to be downloaded for iPad or iPhone (note: schools must provide their own devices for use in the classroom). For more information on the Shirt, please click here
• Access to private panels on the Digital Quilt which curate the library of research under topic headings, organising the material for teaching purposes.
• Three lesson plans offering suggestions for how the material can be used to teach the National Curriculum across three subject areas.
• Instructions for one classroom and one homework activity around the Digital Quilt, developing students’ independent online research skills.
• Further suggestions for classroom activities which will engage the students interactively with the material.
• Access to a private World Factory Edmodo group where students and teachers across the country can discuss their experiences and discoveries.

Topics covered by this pack will include:  The Industrial Revolution, Communist Thought, 20th Century Chinese History and Economics, Strikes and State control in China, Pollution, Urban Migration, Machines and Manufacture, Working Conditions and Regulations, the work of NGOs, Sustainable Fashion Initiatives, Brands
and Marketing, the Business of Manufacture, and the process of developing METIS’ digital media.

The pack is particularly relevant to teaching of the following subjects in the years leading up to GCSE: Geography, History, Religious Education, Business Studies, Economics, Citizenship Studies, Media Studies, Digital Communication, Design and Technology. Read about how the pack was developed.

Advice for schools and colleges – If you are using the World Factory book to play the game as a group – please  click here  for guidance instructions on how to explore the World Factory in a workshop context.

What does it cost? The Pattern costs £85 plus VAT


World Factory: the game

By Zoë Svendsen and Simon Daw

Made in China. Sold in Britain. Worn by you.

From the factory floor to the catwalk, from Shanghai to London, World Factory weaves together the untold stories of people connected by the global textile industry.



This published edition of World Factory: The Game adapts the highly successful, provocative and participative theatre production for the page, offering readers the opportunity to play – as individuals or in teams – the managers of a clothing factory in China and recreate the experience of the game.

Like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novel, the game has multiple routes and outcomes, interlinking questions of ethics, fashion, consumer capitalism, environmental impact, working conditions, migration and globalisation. In a cross between Monopoly and poker, players trade in workers and money, but it is a game about values – will you be an ethical factory owner or will profits always come first? In the rag trade, can anyone ever really win?

World Factory was created and produced in 2015 by the performing arts company METIS, in co-production with the New Wolsey Theatre, Young Vic, and Company of Angels. It was performed at the Young Vic, London, and on tour of the UK.

The book can be purchased from the publishers’ website – Nick Hern Books

Retail price is £14.99 and there is currently a 20% discount offer available.  The e book is coming out soon.

Advice for schools and colleges – If you are using the World Factory book to play the game as a group – please  click here  for guidance instructions on how to explore the World Factory in a workshop context.



Further references:

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