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‘the willingness of the interview team to listen to me and the resulting freedom of expression made this easy’

‘I was allowed to say all that I felt was relevant, it brought back many memories for me’

‘very relaxed ‘unrehearsed’ interview as my memories came back naturally’

‘it was just a most enjoyable discussion’

-- Interviewees on the interview process


‘The DVD is excellent, unfortunately we missed the performance but we heard it was great. The website works well and the touring exhibition awakens people to their recent past’.

‘It was thrilling to know that memories of the war years were being preserved for the future’

 ‘perhaps the public involvement aspect could, in future, provide some outlet for ‘creative’ adult participation, too? (not just schools?)’

-- Interviewees on the project as a whole


‘I enjoyed it hugely… Fascinating things to think about’

‘Just to say how very much I enjoyed the performance last night. Very stimulating, and it was great to meet so many interesting people and find out all sorts in the process!’

‘I liked the feeling of unreality – all the information that arrived from outside the room was confused, coded, garbled, inhuman’

-- Audience comments on the performance event at the Junction, showing our initial responses to the research material, November 2007


The standards were higher in Bunker Project than in other projects. That initial oral history talk from that lecturer [Dr. Ewan Jeffries] plus Sam and Zoë’s professionalism, expertise and intellect made me realise I was on a “different level”. The use of video camera was different. I’d never been involved in a project that used one before.

-- Volunteer


It made you really think and live through what people in this time period would have done and what a strain it would have been on their lives, e.g. reading info, practising drills, making preparations…. And the actual threat that it was.

The Bunker Project taught me that there is another side to our history that I did not know about with hidden bunkers and secret documents.

I think I learnt a lot about responding to material and learning to just perform using a piece of information.

The envelope instructions on day 2 were enjoyable – due to the anticipation, the coordination and ability to work together as a group.

I learnt a lot, especially about where the inspiration for a play comes from.

Our last day we wrote our own scripts which was a new experience because we usually just perform from memory.

I enjoyed responding to the tasks the most because we had to think quickly and improvise without much rehearsal which was again a new experience.

-- Feedback from school pupils (GSCE) on a three-day Bunker Project workshop at St. Bede’s School, Cambridge.
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