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Presentation at the Junction

On the 28 September 2007, METIS produced an evening of creative responses to the research conducted for the Bunker Project. An audience of approximately one hundred saw the event, including a party of young people with whom we subsequently conducted three day-long workshops (click here to see the ‘Workshops’ section) on the themes of the project. We had had a week to prepare the event, with four performers and a number of other artists working either full-time or part-time on the project.

Our Creative Development began with the performers carrying out a fictional exercise, which the ‘directing staff’ of the project had pre-prepared, using historical documents and the understanding gained from the interviews. We called the exercise “Goodall”, after a Cambridge scientist, known for her studies of chimpanzees’ social life. This exercise was followed by much discussion and improvisation responding to the material, which included a visit to a former ROC bunker and concluded with the presentation. This took the form of a performance-installation, to reflect the multiplicity of responses to the material that emerged. It also allowed the audience to move freely around the space, and linger over what particularly engaged them. Live performance to small groups of people was a central part of this, from performances by actors who had taken on the persona of one of the interviewees, to tell their story, to actors mapping fall-out, reciting government documents, or giving presentations on how to camouflage Cambridge.

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