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Obtaining a dvd:

If you would like a copy of the DVD of these interviews, please send a self-addressed stamped A4 envelope with 3 first class stamps, to:

44 Church Lane
SG15 6UX

Please include your name and contact details if you would like to be added to our mailing list.


Exhibition information:

The Bunker Project is running an exhibition in Cambridge local libraries, where you can pick up a FREE Bunker Project DVD.

The exhibition is now touring South Cambridgeshire. For more information, please contact the Cambridge Libraries Service on 0845 045 5225, and ask to speak to Chris Jakes, Senior Librarian, Cambridgeshire Collection.

The DVD contains all the interviews profiled on the site, plus footage of Bunker Project events and a photo album of images of war spaces in Cambridge.

Exhibition dates:

  • Milton Road Library: 13th Feb - 1st March 2008
  • Rock Road Library: 3rd March - 29th March 2008
  • Barnwell Road Library: 31st March - 19th April 2008
  • Cherry Hinton Library: 21st April - 10th May 2008
  • Arbury Court Library: 12th May - 31st May 2008


[ Further information about the bunker project can be downloaded here (PDF) ]

This project would not have been possible without the interest and dedication of our volunteers.

Directing Staff:Zoe Svendsen (director), Simon Daw (artist), Lucy Caldwell (writer), Neil Brinkworth (lighting), Tom Hall (sound), Chris Rogers (digital), Steve Crozier (artist).

Operative:Haidee Carpenter (stage manager), Jordan Savage (assistant director), Patrick Rolfe (assistant director), Samantha Lana (education), Naomi Needs (local liaison), SCAMP (administration).

Players:Catherine Dyson (performer), Jeremy Hardingham (performer), Lizzie Hopley (writer/performer), Tommy Mullins (performer), Selina Papoutseli (performer).

Volunteer Corps:Jon Lloyd, Lucy Razzall, Elaine Cusack, Lee Steele,Mike Hewins,Liz Palles-Clark, X Wang, B Zhang, X Zeng, Kate O’Connor.

Interviewees:David Lee, Brian Waygood, Colin Moule, Mr and Mrs. Jones, Mr and Mrs Swann, Malcolm Osborne, Monica Smith, Terry Beaumont, David Swainston, Jack Parsley, Richard Blackwell, Stephen Falkner, Maurice Rolph, Ian Macdonald, Joan Froment, Christine Kerrison, Pam Nicholes, Bridget Garton, Nick Wise, Guy Bettley-Cooke, Brenda Ward, Dennis Crowdy, John Dent, Jack Hunter.


Lucia Latimer, Amy Vaughan, Leo Mellor, the English Faculty, Paul Parry (City Council), Chris Jakes (Cambridgeshire Collection), Sue Slack (Milton Road Library), Tracy C Davis (author of Stages of Emergency), Wayne Cocroft (English Heritage), David Maher, Catherine Large, Hilary Seaward, all the volunteers, interviewees and others who have made contact or provided information for the project, Guy Bettley-Cook, Dennis and Barbara Crowdy, Brian Waygood for the map, Richard Blackwell for Tocsin Bang, Adrian Watts and the year 10 drama participants at St Bedes School, Nick Welsh, Fran and Mischa Hiller.


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