The Bunker Project

The Bunker Project was a community-focused heritage project, exploring memories of the (now) hidden war spaces of Cambridge, from air-raid shelters in peoples’ back gardens to the government command nuclear war bunker on Brooklands Avenue. The project gathered peoples’ memories of these spaces in and around Cambridge. There were several outcomes to the project, including a DVD of the interviews conducted, a website displaying our research and an exhibition in collaboration with the Cambridge Library Cambridgeshire Collection.

The starting point of the project was an interest in spaces and their uses. What has come to fascinate us particularly in the course of meeting people and sharing memories, is the extensive system of exercises that rehearsed ‘post-attack scenarios’ during the Cold War. These trained a wide variety of personnel, from volunteers in the Royal Observer Corps, to local government workers, to undertake a variety of tasks that were designed to enable the continued functioning of government administration, for the purposes of coordinating rescue, such as would be possible, across the UK.

The project culminated in a performance event at The Junction, and catalysed the ideas for the project that became 3rd Ring Out.

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Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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