World Factory: considering consumption symposium, 13 January 2015

World Factory:  considering consumption on Tuesday 13 January 2015 2 pm at  Free Word Hall, London At Free Word we engaged with speakers and audience in a conversation about what alternatives to consumer capitalism already exist, and what we might dream of. The speakers included:

Julian Kirby   Friends of the Earth, Make It Better Campaign
Stella Hall   founder and programmer of the the Festival of Thrift
Lyla Patel   – head of education at TRAID, a charity that works to stop clothes being thrown away
Jenny Chan –  Sociologist and expert on labour conditions in China
Kate Fletcher –  London School of Sustainable Fashion, Craft of Use project

To listen to our speakers presentations simply click on their names below:

This symposium formed part of a residency at Free Word supporting the writing of the World Factory theatre production. The idea behind METIS’s World Factory discussion events: We have committed from the start of the project to the idea of ‘research in public’ – creating a series of public events in different kinds of spaces, where we investigate a particular aspect of the topic. Through inviting experts to share their views in an intimate, but public, forum, we aim to both share our process and catalyse a wider conversation. Previous events include cafe conversations at both the University of Cambridge and The Junction in Cambridge. As part of their commitment to researching the project ‘in public’ METIS collaborate with other organisations to host events in which invited speakers share their perspective on the World Factory phenomenon.

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