World Factory Digital Structure

The card game at the heart of the UK World Factory performances comprised 420 separate cards, each with a short narrative on the front and mostly with two story options on the back for the audience to select from. The underlying digital system linked 36 separate pieces of information per card, enabling live data accumulation during each performance, the display of which provided the denouement to the show. The visualisation below shows how the cards linked up across the game being played 144 times (the game was played by 16 different groups in each performance). Each group started with the same card, and the stories branched out according to the decisions made. Due to this digital structure, with some cards providing a ‘jump’ to new routes depending on decisions made much earlier in the game, it has been calculated there are more than 100 million mathematically different routes through the World Factory game.
WF_YoungVicGraph002_10Jun15Visualisation by David Svendsen.

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